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Gas Fireplace Repair and Maintenance

Annual maintenance and cleaning of your gas fireplace is important to ensure it operates efficiently and safely.

Our service professionals have experience inspecting all makes and models of gas fireplaces to ensure they are operating properly.

A standard maintenance visit includes:

  • Visually checking log placement
  • Checking for loose glass fronts (on direct vents)
  • Removing all dust or debris
  • Cleaning glass (if any)
  • Removing logs and cleaning/inspecting the combustion chamber area
  • Verifying proper startup and good flame pattern
  • Checking gas pressures and cleaning flame sensor (if any)
  • Replacing remote batteries (if any)
  • Inspecting the outer condition of chimney vent enclosures and flashings
  • Checking for blockages within the vent
Gas fireplace repair

Is your gas fireplace not working properly?

Will your gas fireplace not start? Is your fireplace making a noise? Is there excess soot? Is there moisture or condensation on the glass?

For any problems with your direct vent gas fireplace, don’t hesitate to call us so we can schedule an appointment.